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Top ranked in Free Android App Download chart, Telegram is a free app that provides outstanding user experience and services. It’s ranked NO.4 under the Communication category. Developed by Telegram FZ-LLC, the app has 11.57M ratings and a score of 4.4. It was first released on 2013-09-06.

Telegram doesn't contain ads but has in-app purchases, which ranges from $4.99 - $49.99. To run this application smoothly, the operating system of your device needs to be iOS or Android. Please be noticed that due to performance differences, the user experience may vary on different devices.


Telegram is a reputable, free cloud-based instant texting app. The app offers video call features and end-to-end encrypted chats. It also allows you to share files and offers VoIP services. The Android version was launched on October 20, 2013, and the iOS version was launched on August 4, 2013. The company has servers in different parts of the world. It has five different data centers and its operational center is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

You can get several client applications for your desktop and mobile devices, such as iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. To sign-up on this app, you will require a phone number, and iOS or Android device. The app has two approved web twin apps, WebZ and WebK. It also has many alternative clients that utilize Telegram's protocol. Asides the proprietary and closed-source center, all components of the app are open sourced. Your private chats and group messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. Therefore, third parties such as ISPs cannot access your data. You can share texts, voice messages and videos. It would help to know that the app does not allow sharing of documents larger than 2GB.

According to research, Telegram was the most sought-after app in the world in 2021. With more than 700 million active subscribers, it is one of the most reputable instant messaging apps in the world. Countries like Ukraine, Jordan, Belarus, Russia, and Armenia have more Telegram subscribers than other parts of the world.



Your telegram account is linked to a phone number. When opening an account, a verification message will be sent via SMS or a phone call. Irrespective of which platform you want to use, you will need an Android or iOS device to open an account. You can link more than one device to an account. You can also remove any connected device from the account. The app allows you to change your number anytime you want. You can choose a username to be your alias. Your alias will allow you to receive and send texts while protecting your phone number. Generally,

Telegram deletes an account after six months of inactivity. You may also choose to delete your account anytime you want. The app uses an SMS-based single factor authentication to verify logins. This authentication message is sent once as an SMS to your phone number. You can also create your password to provide more verification. On Telegram, you can create a group or channel to reach a large number of people. Accounts with premium subscription are marked with a star for easy identification.

Cloud-based messages

The messages on Telegram are cloud-based. You can access them through any of your connected devices. You send documents, videos and audios to individuals or a group containing more than 200,000 people. You can edit your texts and delete them. If you don't want to reply to a message with a text, you can react with any emoji you want. It is important to note that you can only use one emoji to react to a text.

Telegram provides a draft that allows you to sync with your devices. For example, when you start writing a message on a device, you can continue later on another device. The draft is usually placed in the editing section of every device. It will leave the section when you send the message. Your chats in channels and groups will be placed in any custom folder you organize. You can set a time for texts in private chats to be sent. For example, you can set a text to be sent when the receiver comes online.

Due to data portability, you can move chat history that involves images, audio, videos, and texts from Line, WhatsApp, and Kakaotalk. groups and channels can be sorted into custom folders set by the user. That is, you can create a new chat to store your messages or combine them with an old one.

Private Chats

You can send messages with client-to-client encryption in your private chats. Telegram uses the service MTProto protocol to encrypt the messages. Any message sent in a secret chat can not be accessed on every device. It can only be accessed where the secret conversation started.

You have to be invited to accept a secret chat. Telegram allows you to confirm that no third person has viewed your secret chat by comparing images that depict your public key fingerprints. In 2014, the app updated its secret chat features to enable perfect forward secrecy. It changes every encryption code after it has been used for a week or 100 times. To provide enough data safety, old encryption codes are dismantled. You can only access secret chats macOS, Android, and iOS.


  • Easy to use
  • Secured Data
  • You can access Telegram via any mobile device
  • No ads
  • Free services
  • Your contact list depends on phone numbers
Additional Details
  • Category Communication
  • Latest Version 10.0.4
  • Size 50.50MB
  • Requirements Varies with device
  • Downloads 1B+
  • Package Name org.telegram.messenger
  • Content Rating Mature 17+
  • Price Free
  • Offered by Telegram FZ-LLC
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