My Talking Tom 2

Outfit7 Limited
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Top ranked in Free Android App Download chart, My Talking Tom 2 is a free app that provides outstanding user experience and services. It’s ranked NO.9 under the Casual category. Developed by Outfit7 Limited, the app has 4.66M ratings and a score of 4.2. It was first released on 2018-11-06.

My Talking Tom 2 contains ads and in-app purchases, which ranges from $0.99 - $99.99. To run this application smoothly, the operating system of your device needs to be iOS or Android 5.0 and up. Please be noticed that due to performance differences, the user experience may vary on different devices.


My Talking Tom 2 was released after My Talking Tom. It is the version of the Talking Tom series where you get to take care of a happy little baby Tom. Your job is to bathe, feed, ensure little Tom goes to bed early, give him the appropriate treatment if he’s sick, play with him, and other activities to ensure he’s never bored. This version of the Talking Tom series also allows you to customize little Tom into a pretty little kitten. The game features more than a thousand different combinations from which you can create your version of Tom and give him a distinct appearance.

My Talking Tom 2 allows you to customize Tom and his immediate environment, including all the rooms in your home. You combine different colors and tools to get something that suits your taste. Use the money and stars earned from the game to purchase any type of wallpaper, carpets, furniture, and any other tool to make your apartment feel more personal. In My Talking Tom 2, you can build anything that comes to your mind.

It is important to note that without the original Talking Tom Cat app there is little you can do with My Talking Tom 2. Tom will repeat any phrase you say right back to you. His unique and funny voice makes the game more exciting and fun. You can also ask for help from any of Tom’s friends. Angela, Hank, and other friends are always there for you.

Like every other game under the Talking Tom series, My Talking Tom 2 is an exciting game that brings a unique feeling to the series. The game follows up on old titles such as Moy, Pou, and other games linked to the Talking Tom Saga.

In My Talking Tom 2, you can take care of a friendly and cute little virtual pet. The game also allows you to travel and visit different areas in the city with your cute cat.

My Talking Tom 2 seems like a return of the superstar virtual pet, Tom. The only difference is, this time he has a lot more to do and say. Tom cannot wait to show you his new and stylish clothes in his wardrobe. He also wants to display his special skills and features.

This funny cat can’t wait to show off his new wardrobe, skills and special features. Your task is to interact with him and help him engage in as many activities as possible.


  • In My Talking Tom 2, you can help Tom to learn new skills, like painting, singing, and many more.
  • You can take Tom out to the best restaurants in town and let him enjoy the most delicious snacks
  • Help Tom stay clean at every point in the game. He may start to get messy after certain levels. It is your job to ensure he stays clean.
  • Take him to the toilet any time he is pressed. Stop him from messing up your home.
  • There are many amazing areas to visit in the city. Take Tom on a tour to any of these places.
  • Customize Tom and his immediate environment. You can get clothes, furnitures, and other elements that can aid customization
  • You can also help Tom take care of his pets.
  • My Talking Tom 2 features many mini games and puzzles to make your experience more exciting.

My Talking Tom 2 was developed by Outfit7, the same company that developed My Talking Angela 2, My Talking Tom, and My Talking Tom Friends. The game contains a link that takes you directly to the company’s website, where you can access more exciting products. It also has a link that takes you directly to YouTube so you can watch videos of other animated characters.


  • My Talking Tom 2 is an exciting game for everyone to play.
  • You may experience glitches in different parts of the house
Additional Details
  • Category Casual
  • Latest Version
  • Size 118.33MB
  • Requirements 5.0 and up
  • Downloads 500M+
  • Package Name com.outfit7.mytalkingtom2
  • Content Rating Rated for 3+
  • Price Free
  • Offered by Outfit7 Limited
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