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Top ranked in Free Android App Download chart, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is a free app that provides outstanding user experience and services. It’s ranked NO.4 under the Tools category. Developed by DuckDuckGo, the app has 1.74M ratings and a score of 4.7. It was first released on 2011-04-08.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser doesn't contain ads and has no in-app purchase. To run this application smoothly, the operating system of your device needs to be iOS or Android 6.0 and up. Please be noticed that due to performance differences, the user experience may vary on different devices.


The DuckDuckGo Privacy app is built to provide a strong and comprehensive privacy protection online with simply the push of one button. By downloading the app, you get a browser that provides seamless protection while you make researches and browse. The app also offers access to track protections for apps you use and emails you receive. This protection attribute is what makes DuckDuckGo Privacy app special as it is not in most popular browsers.

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy app to browse with the guarantee that your privacy is protected.


  • Private Search: The private search of DuckDuckGo Privacy app is built-in, making it easy for users to search the web and be sure they are not being tracked
  • Escape Website Trackers: Website trackers are 3rd party scripts. DuckDuckGo Privacy app allows you to automatically stop the trackers from loading, thereby preventing companies from gaining access to any personal data. The app has a cutting-edge technology that makes it stand out from other popular browsers
  • Block Tracking Cookies: with the push of a button, you can stop the tracking of 3rd part cookies while you browse from one site to another.
  • Block Email Trackers: This is one of the best features about the app. Up to 85% of emails sent to the app address is infected with trackers that can detect the time you open a message, your location when you opened the message, and the device you are using to open the message. With the block email tracker feature, you can stop most email trackers and hide your email address when you sign up for things online, without having to switch providers.
  • Enforce Encryption Automatically: DuckDuckGo Privacy you can force any site you visit to automatically encrypt their connection, which helps protect your data from network onlookers and WiFi snoopers.
  • Fingerprint Escape: You can stop companies from combining information about your browser, in their attempt to create a unique identifier for you.
  • Global Privacy Control (GPC): GPC is in-built, to help you express you right to opt-out automatically, by informing websites to not share or sell your personal information. However, for it to successfully enforce your rights will depend on the laws biding your jurisdiction.


DuckDuckGo Private search advertising is in collaboration with Microsoft. This partnership has made it possible to anonymously view ads on DuckDuckGo. Microsoft has also committed to not profiling the ad clicks of our user’s.

Additional Details
  • Category Tools
  • Latest Version 5.145.5
  • Size 22MB
  • Requirements 6.0 and up
  • Downloads 10M+
  • Package Name
  • Content Rating Everyone
  • Price Free
  • Offered by DuckDuckGo
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