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Top ranked in Free Android App Download chart, Amazon Alexa is a free app that provides outstanding user experience and services. It’s ranked NO.3 under the Lifestyle category. Developed by Amazon Mobile LLC, the app has 1.59M ratings and a score of 4.5. It was first released on 2014-11-17.

Amazon Alexa doesn't contain ads and has no in-app purchase. To run this application smoothly, the operating system of your device needs to be iOS or Android 8.0 and up. Please be noticed that due to performance differences, the user experience may vary on different devices.


Amazon Alexa is an app built by Amazon Mobile LLC to help manage Alexa with your device. Users can communicate via Amazon Echo, and can also manage their alarms, music, shopping list, and more directly from their phones and on the go.

Amazon Alexa App has recently been made available for both iOS and Android users. If you own Alexa devices, this app makes it possible for you to set up and control your device remotely. It shows weather conditions, plays music, create lists, answers questions, and more.


Find out more!

  • Alexa recommends the personalized feature, which gives you access to more interesting things from your Echo device
  • Discover and enable more skills from Alexa
  • Continue from where you left off from your home feed, whether its shopping, music, or books

Manage Alexa Devices

  • Set up your Alexa devices, control or manage these devices on the go
  • Create routines to enable your smart home devices can operate automatically

Books and Music

  • Easily connect to different music apps such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Play a song and listen on your Alexa device
  • Enjoy multi-room music on your Echo devices when you create speaker groups

Plan your day

  • Read the latest news, weather updates, create, edit, and view to-do or shopping list, manage alarms and timers, and more

Stay in touch!

  • Message or call supported Alexa devices for free
  • Use the Drop In feature from your app to connect instantly with you Echo devices, creating a 2-way intercom

New Features

Save your Alexa shopping list

Alexa Shopping List Savings allows you to clip coupons in it app for products you have added to your shopping list. Users can add items to the list by making a command or doing it manually. All your savings add up, and your cashback is kept on your digital gift cards in a few days. You can get cashback when you go to the store.

The coupon clipping feature works exclusively with the pre-installed shopping list on the Alexa app. And it is available to all users in the USA.

TuneIn Premium radio streaming

The Amazon Alexa app has partnered with TuneIn to produce a new feature that makes it possible for users to listen to ad-free music and live sports stations with a voice command. Make the command “Alexa, listen to sports” once you subscribe to TuneIn and be able to listen to ad-free news, ad-free music, and sport games.

Deal recommendation feature

This is a new feature of Amazon Alexa that notifies Amazon Prime customers when products in their wish list or shopping cart will soon go on sale. User can also use a voice command to make Alexa set a reminder when the deals are live or as Alexa to directly purchase the products with the default payment and delivery address. To Activate the feature, users should go to the shopping section in the Alexa app and select “shopping recommendations”.

Telehealth Visits

Amazon Alexa has partnered with Teladoc, a large and renowned telemedicine company in the Unite States to makes it possible for Amazon customers to connect with healthcare providers via Echo devices. With the command “Alexa, I want to talk to a doctor”, users can get call back from a Teladoc doctor. An appointment with a doctor will cost $75 for customers without insurance. With insurance, cost will vary. Some plans will even allow free calls. Note that this service is only available for non-emergency visits.

Adjust dumbbells weight

Users can now use voice commands to change the weight on NordicTrack’s adjustable dumbbells between the range of 5lbs to 50lbs in 5lb increment. For example, you can ask Alex to set the dumbbells to a specific weight, or tweak the weight during exercise.

How to activate voice command?

Before you can activate voice command, your digital assistant needs to identify you. Once your digital assistant identifies your voice, you can proceed to control her by making various commands.

  • Click “more” then select “skills and games”
  • In the individual view, select the option “enable to use” to make it recognize you
  • Start a command with her name “Alexa” for example “Alexa, what temperature is it.” “Alexa, play music for workout.”


  • It is easy to use and operate
  • You can set reminders
  • Set timers and alarms
  • Shop online
  • Play music non-stop
  • Mishearing
  • It may sometimes stop responding to your voice
  • Connection may drop sometimes
  • Bloatware and slow response

Amazon Alexa is a popular virtual restaurant and one set to make things a lot easier. Download this app now to enjoy its full features.

Additional Details
  • Category Lifestyle
  • Latest Version 2.2.527420.0
  • Size 141MB
  • Requirements 8.0 and up
  • Downloads 100M+
  • Package Name
  • Content Rating Everyone
  • Price Free
  • Offered by Amazon Mobile LLC
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