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Ranked in the middle of Free Android App Download chart, Solo - Guitar Fretboard Visualization Trainer is a paid app that provides outstanding user experience and services. It’s ranked NO.192 under the Music & Audio category. Developed by Trio Software Ltd, the app has 186 ratings and a score of 4.6. It was first released on 2021-06-28.

Solo - Guitar Fretboard Visualization Trainer doesn't contain ads and has no in-app purchase. To run this application smoothly, the operating system of your device needs to be Android 8.0 and up. Please be noticed that due to performance differences, the user experience may vary on different devices.


Visualize the guitar fretboard, master scales and play through changes like a pro with intervallic functions!

‣ Solo is a revolutionary practice tool designed by world renowned fusion guitarists Tom Quayle and David Beebee.

‣ One of the biggest barriers to improvising on guitar is finding and mapping out the relevant chord tones and scales all over on the fretboard in real time.

Solo is a highly focussed app for developing your note finding and fretboard visualization ability on the guitar. There is no time-based pressure and Solo reduces the cognitive load of having to choose which ‘notes/intervals’ to play. As you get quicker at finding these ‘notes’ you will conversely get better at choosing them whilst improvising. Players of all ability levels will reap huge benefits from practicing with Solo.

‣ Using common progressions, Solo presents you with one chord symbol or scale at a time and asks you to find and play a series of notes based on their intervallic function.

‣ Solo listens to the notes you play, analyzes them in real time, and doesn’t move on until you’ve correctly found each note by its intervallic function in the specified order.

‣ This process builds strong fretboard visualization for the most powerful, efficient and malleable way to KNOW your way around the fretboard no matter how difficult the chord changes are.

‣ Along with standard 6 string guitar Solo also supports 7 string guitar, 4 and 5 string bass, B-flat and E-flat horns and even voice. There is also support for guitars tuned to Eb (we heard you strat players...)

As a unique and powerful ear training tool, Solo also develops your ability to not only visualize what you’re playing, but hear it in real time too.

If you know your note names but struggle to learn new scales, play through chord changes or find yourself stuck in pattern based playing, practicing diligently with Solo will be transformational for your knowledge of the fretboard and subsequently your ability to outline harmony when you improvise.


Practice finding intervallic functions over a series of chord changes based on common and popular chord progressions. Solo is programmed with all the knowledge behind the scenes to understand jazz and popular music harmony and will always pick appropriate intervallic functions based on the harmony of the progression.


Practice finding intervallic functions within scales on the fretboard. Solo includes all the modes of the Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major scales, plus pentatonic and symmetrical scales. Seeing and finding scale tones as intervallic functions will transform your ability to manipulate and improvise with scales in real time.


Solo also includes video tutorials from Tom Quayle and David Beebee to get you started with intervallic functions, how to find them on the fretboard, using Solo for ear training and how to get the most from your practice time with the app.

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  • Category Music & Audio
  • Latest Version 1.4.4
  • Size 53MB
  • Requirements 8.0 and up
  • Downloads 1K+
  • Package Name app.solotrainer.solo
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  • Price $14.99
  • Offered by Trio Software Ltd
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